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Practitioners have come to trust in Global Surgical Corporation as the leader in dental microscopy. Every procedure is enhanced with the use of a microscope by helping you to more accurately and efficiently diagnose, and predictably treat your patients. Details that are difficult to see even with loupes are possible with a dental microscope, providing clear magnified images.
Improved Ergonomics: Global Dental microscopes promote better posture. No matter the position of the patient, fatigue and strain can be reduced for the operator, while maintaining an upright posture.
The new A-Series microscope comes in 3 different models. They have been developed with intuitive control at the forefront, while greatly enhancing visualization for prompt diagnosis, setting a new standard in dental microscopy.
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• Comes in 3,4 and 6-steps of magnification
• The magnification changer, handles & tension control are all in one place with the AXIS Control System
• Updated binoculars with new locking diopter eyepieces
• Eyepieces available in 10x and 12.5x with softer eyecups
• Ergonomic handles with integral magnification changer
• Over 100,000 lux LED light source – brightest available
• Three-stage filter assembly: clear, amber and green
• More mounting options than any other brand

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